Generate UIDs for Tiddlywiki

How do I generate a unique title for a new Tiddler?

Questions like this one pop up fairly regularly at the Tiddlywiki mailing list. I had the same problems when I just started out and so I know the struggle when one does not know how to create a Tiddler scheme that either does not need the title or does generate somewhat unique IDs automatically.

For most things I do with TiddlyWiki I use it as a CRUD platform and create forms which modify and create Tiddlers behind the scenes. For these kinds of setups I do not care about the Tiddler names at all since I never look for them directly and all data retrival happens via filter operations over their fields.

So most projects I create follow a workflow like this:

  1. Enter mostly uniform data/information into a form build from Widgets to create a new record of some sort (i.e. new book in my library).
  2. Have a standardised view on those records (every book has a title, cover, author, short summary and release year). For this I use ViewTemplates, which show record fields in whatever way I need to.
  3. Have a view over all records of one type similar to TiddlyWiki's own Tiddler manager where I can delete/update records.

Creating these forms in the first place needs some getting used to since they are build from WikiText and abovementioned Widgets. But so far I could achieve every layout I wanted this way and by now most projects are just a copypasta of previous ones I made.

A few years back I created a little Javascript macro that generates a random 6-place ID for new records and has been my go to whenever I had to create unique Tiddler names. Maybe this is of use to you too :)


title: $:/tjout/macro/uid.js
module-type: macro
type: application/javascript

Return new UID for tiddler title

1. Create a new Tiddler and past below content into the text field
2. Set the type of the TIddler to "application/javascript"
3. Create the field "module-type" with value "macro"
4. After reloading the Wiki type "<<uid>>" whenever you want an unique ID

(function() {

    "use strict"; = "uid";

    exports.params = []; = function() {
        let newID;
        do {
            newID = Math.random().toString(36).substr(2, 6);
        } while (
        return newID;