Just stumbled upon PR 5559 over at the TiddlyWiki Github repository. Right now publishing directly from TiddlyWiki requires a full setup and fiddling with Node. If this PR lands my deployment will get even easier! πŸ₯³

How I build my site

A few days ago I promised I would write an article about my current setup, so here it is. WorkflowWhen I want to create new content this is the workflow I came up with: Writing: I write the article/note in one of my TiddlyWikis using Wikitext. This might take from a few seconds in case of a short note to a few days in case of this post here (because I am lazy and stop writing when a new rabbit shows up I want to chase which happens more often then I am willing to admit). continue

Generate UIDs for Tiddlywiki

How do I generate a unique title for a new Tiddler? Questions like this one pop up fairly regularly at the Tiddlywiki mailing list. I had the same problems when I just started out and so I know the struggle when one does not know how to create a Tiddler scheme that either does not need the title or does generate somewhat unique IDs automatically. For most things I do with TiddlyWiki I use it as a CRUD platform and create forms which modify and create Tiddlers behind the scenes. continue